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FortBrave: Services

Geofencing & Geotargeting

Have you wasted your advertising budget before? We have a range of solutions for small and medium sized businesses enabling them to leverage the power of location based marketing. Geofencing allows you to maximise your return on marketing spend by only showing ads to the people that really matter to your business.

Increase your businesses visibility

Show digital advertisements to someone who has visited your store location, a competitor location or that has even seen your physical advertisements.

Deliver the right message at the right time

Engage with your audience in the moment and connect with them to ensure they see the right messages, at the most opportune time.

Maximise your return on investment

By serving personalised messaging, you're able to connect deeper and drive higher levels of engagement, maximising your return on investment.

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eCommerce and Social Commerce Development

Online shopping forms the core of what we do, we call it our bread and butter! We take a holistic view on eCommerce. With so many elements to consider, we offer a centralised solution for any and all eCommerce requirements.

Ranging from a consultation on best practice, right through to full website development, we have the expertise to ensure you are covered when it comes to online shopping from a standalone website through to social selling strategies and everything in between.

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Website Migration

With the ever changing landscape in eCommerce, replatforming is at times essential to leverage certain functionality. Alternatively, you may want more bespoke features that a hosted eCommerce solution can’t cater for out of the box. It also presents challenges and can be an incredibly daunting process no matter the size of business.

We have a decade of experience in site migration, making the process painless and with minimal to no downtime.

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Product Launch & Marketing Strategies

Marketing your product and ensuring it is in front of the right audience is crucial for any brand. It's also essential to consider both long and short term strategies and that your audience is connecting emotionally with your brand and products. If your target market is looking for your product, you need to make sure you're not only found, but stand out from the crowd.

We have a range of different solutions from traditional PPC and Social Media marketing through to more targeted options such as Geofencing and Influencer marketing.

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Having a strong network of trusted partners built over decades of experience gives our clients the access to some of the best products and services in the market, built specifically with digital and eCommerce businesses in mind. Growth through partnerships is also a great way to tap into new customer acquisition opportunities. We are on hand to lead any partnership negotiations on your behalf as well as recommending partners based on your particular business sector and product offering to fuel untapped growth.

Logistics and Supply Chain

We have a strong logistics and fulfilment partner portfolio harnessing some of the best technology out there for eCommerce businesses (no drones though, yet!) We know how it works, let us share!

Print On Demand

Do you have some sweet tee designs but not sure how to sell them? Maybe you're a YouTuber or niche brand and want to offer products to your crew. We know how and can make it happen from conception through to delivery! Plus, we would live to see your designs!

Payment Gateways

Having a solid offering when it comes to processing payments is crucial. The payment gateway space is ever changing with new products entering the market constantly. Let us help you integrate with the products that suit best.

Software as a Service Tools

We know a thing or two about Software as a Service products! We have a range of partners offering some of the coolest tech in the market to streamline your operation or enhance your offering. Let us get you integrated!


Even with today's advances in tech, the phone still rings! From a basic phone package to full support, we have options for every size of business and can use a variety of partners to help you integrate telecoms in a variety of ways and use it to your advantage.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Every business needs a bean counter! We have a range of book keeping and accountancy services to support your business from the most basic bookkeeping and accounting to full wage runs, all delivered with tech in mind!


Lazy eCommerce? No! Dropshipping can offer flexibility to eCommerce businesses and keeps operating cost low. It's also a smart way to earn a side hustle and kickstart your eCommerce journey.

Business Development and Sales strategies

Having great ideas and products is one thing, bringing them to market and monetizing those ideas is another, especially when you're in the midst of concentrating on building the core business and its products. It's common to front load the development of any digital product to get it ready for market, however its essential the transition from development to live trials and subsequently live clients is seamless. We are able to assist getting your product sales ready, develop a tailored go to market strategy using industry best practice and feed the sales funnel through to live clients.

We are also on hand to assist in building your sales team from interviews to training and solidify your sales strategy through documented bespoke processes that best suit your independent business needs..

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Operational Support

We offer a range of services to support your business whenever the need may arise. Our operational support includes logistics and supply chain, accounting services and recruitment support.

We are also able to lend a fresh pair of eyes to evaluate your business and suggest operational refinements to fuel future growth.

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